'Men or women, complex, mobile, open beings' - Hélène Cixous

Due to acute scrambling of the brain and its subsequent loss somewhere in the Irish Sea, the purpose of this blog is currently unavailable.

Oh look, hungry fish!
One must be a sea, to receive a polluted stream without becoming impure.
Friedrich Nietzsche (via naaraixo)


New Hairstyles for Young Ladies

This week, Gemma explores the The Geology of a Woman’s Purse

Hehe some of these aren’t actually that far from the hairstyles I see sometimes

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Kelly Mitchell Gazdowicz, aka Burrowing Home on Tumblr



This ending was perfect (apart from Shane’s mustache obv) - I didn’t expect such a heartbreaking resolution despite the amount of destruction throughout the show but I guess a happy ending was never going to happen. This last scene was lovely though. And they included Doug - he’s an awesome honorary Botwin!

Nawww ^.^ my chinchillas would never sit still with that on their head

Nawww ^.^ my chinchillas would never sit still with that on their head


Animal Petting Charts – showing you the best spots to pet an animal

How everyone feels when they hold a chinchilla! SO FLUFFY :)

Panda Bear on Flickr.

Panda Bear at Edinburgh zoo. It was so hot for them that day!

Maria Grachvogel f/w 2013


Newborn giant panda triplets, which were born to giant panda Juxiao, are seen inside an incubator at the Chimelong Safari Park in Guangzhou, China.

Picture: Reuters (via Pictures of the day: 18 August 2014 - Telegraph)


Frankenstein illustration, Bernie Wrightson. 1983.


History of the Kindle.


Miniature Schnauzer by Masamitsu Takanc

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